Strong & Active Support

The glass industry needs a strong, active voice in order to thrive, grow, and evolve. GMIC is here to provide valuable proactive support to each of our member organizations, helping you do what you can’t do on your own. GMIC members also enjoy a range of association benefits including member communications, discounts on conference fees, supplier and customer referrals, and more.

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Technical Initiatives

GMIC works with the U.S. Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR, and other organizations to accelerate the rate of innovation in energy efficiency for glass melting.

Our technical education focuses on waste heat management, production efficiency, environmental health and safety, recycling and cullet supply, batch and materials, controls and sensors, forming, modeling, and glass strength—all areas of major interest to our members.

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GMIC Sustainability


GMIC is working to position the glass industry to better meet today’s sustainability demands.

We do this by working with members to facilitate the progression of technology designed for the sustainable existence of glass manufacturing, finding new ways to increase the use of glass, and establishing meaningful connections with sustainability-focused universities and research facilities.


GMIC provides informative courses on both fundamental industry topics and advanced technical material.

We offer day-long symposia that bring together leading experts to delve deeply into topics such as modeling, sensors and controls, and energy efficiency.

Our annual Conference on Glass Problems is the largest conference on glass manufacturing in North America. This content-rich event includes lectures, courses, symposia, and robust exhibiting and networking opportunities.

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GMIC supports our members’ needs to back or defeat legislation, address regulations, and oppose unfair trade practices.

We act as an advocate for our members with federal and state governments. We represent the interests of our members in relation to a range of threats and opportunities, from unfair international trade practices to policy statements to EPA regulations.

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GMIC promotes efficiency in the glass industry by providing forums for communication and networking.

We offer yearlong network opportunities for our members in the form of conferences, exhibitions, ongoing member communications, and leadership events.

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Industry Data

Data about the glass manufacturing industry can be difficult to obtain.

To help our members stay informed and up to date on today’s latest industry intelligence, GMIC produces the Glass Manufacturing Industry Report, a comprehensive reference source containing industry data, contact lists, and information on emissions regulations. This report includes vital industry metrics organized by historical trends, industry predictions, and a variety of analytics. It is provided free to members.

Industry Promotion

On our members’ behalf, GMIC promotes the use of glass products and communicates the benefits of glass as a material to consumers around the world, including articles, interviews, editorials, and advertisements in major media.

We also maintain an active exhibition schedule to represent our members at tradeshows and conferences.

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Workforce Development

GMIC helps our members recruit and train motivated talent at all organizational levels.

We offer a number of recruitment programs directed at engineering students and job seekers.

We provide our members with access to a Career Center that gives you the opportunity to create job postings while also offering jobseekers access to a Career Planning Portal, free resume reviews, and other valuable resources.