Positioning the Industry

In our ongoing efforts to position the glass industry to better meet sustainability demands, GMIC is helping to facilitate the progression of production technology for the sustainable existence of glass manufacturing. As we do so, we remain focused on the fundamentals of glass production and usage as we also work to promote increased use of glass across a variety of consumer and industry sectors. The engagement of universities, research facilities, and other trade organizations plays a large part in these sustainability and awareness efforts.

Image Courtesy of Owens Corning

Research & Reporting

As we advocate for sustainability awareness, GMIC develops and implements research agendas on potential U.S. Department of Energy funding in partnership with other like-minded organizations. We also research and report on best practices in all areas of global glass manufacturing, review and publish grant availability for glass manufacturers, and report on alternative fuel integration and testing.

Serving as a clearinghouse for decarbonization and environmental issues, GMIC regularly reports on new glass production technology developments, delivers updates on hydrogen infrastructure programs, and provides benchmarking and cost analysis for various glass manufacturing segments.

Image Courtesy of CelSian

Education & Awareness

GMIC’s sustainability efforts also include classes, seminars, white papers, and industry studies geared toward the development of new solutions in sustainability. Our education and awareness partners include the U.S. Department of Energy, Glass Worldwide, the International Commission on Glass, Glass Industry Consulting International, Alfred University, the American Ceramic Society, Schott Glass Technologies, Corning, Inc., and more.