RoMan Manufacturing™ designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of closely coupled, water-cooled, AC transformer systems for a variety of glass manufacturing processes including: boosting, melting, bushing, finer, lehr, and forming. Close coupled transformers are installed at the heat source, versus air/oil cooled transformers which are installed anywhere from 20 to 100 meters away. This helps reduce the high cost of long and large copper bus bars and cables. It also, and of equal or higher importance, greatly reduce voltage drops due to resistance and reactance losses associated with air/oil cooled transformers’ long cabling and copper bus bar systems. Documented benefits of RoMan’s systems include: increased product quality due to decreased harmonics, and increased savings in energy, equipment cost and space requirements. Our single and three phase transformers are available from 1 KVA to 15 MVA. We also supply switch gear, copper buss, fin coolers, brass and aluminum castings and custom cut and machined industrial composite (insulation) materials. Visit for additional information.

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